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Playing cards with integrated circuits?


Mockup of a card with an integrated NFC chip. Image: FusionPlay.

“FusionPlay Heroes” combines a card games with a smartphone app. The game relies on playing cards with integrated NFC chips to link the two. Together with the app, the technology enables an interactive two-player tactics game. How does the game work? What are the potentials of this technology? A kickstarter, all information and all open questions…

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How to Come Out On Top After Unexpected Changes

Sensei’s Divining Top, Illustration: Michael Sutfin.

This one might interest you even if you’re not a Magic player, because it is an object lesson in how to deal with the fallout of unexpected change.

On April 24th, Magic’s Legacy format was thrown into disarray when a key card was banned from tournament play.

This was textbook regulatory action, no different from legislating against a certain type of product or transaction. What followed the ban was a mad scramble to the top of an unknown environment, with interesting results.

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Newspaper Spider-Man is the worst superhero of all time

Spider-Man is the everyman. Creating a super-hero who’s a nerdy high-schooler is a genius idea, and it made Spider-Man a figure his readers could identify with easily. He is one of the best super-hero concepts of all time.

Newspaper Spider-Man, on the other hand, is the worst super-hero of all time. He gets knocked out every other week. His powers randomly stop working around bricks, bullets, hammers, or any other form of danger.

From his boss to his own wife, everyone just relentlessly clowns on the poor guy.

And that’s before Clown-9 shows up:

That guy, by the way, keeps Newspaper Spider-Man busy for four months.

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Good Comics and Why You Should Buy Them

If you want good comic books, you should buy them. Don’t worry, you’re still allowed to talk about them after you bought them.

White Yellow and Red Tulips Bouquets

As a customer, it’s nice to have a diversity of choices available to you. Use it wisely.

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