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“Closure #4: Beginnings and Renewals in Comics” is out now!

Once again, I’m enormously proud of everyone involved with Closure, the eJournal for comics studies. I mean, I’m always proud of having been able to contribute to this great project, but today is a special day: Closure #4 is out!

Entitled “Beginnings and Renewals in Comics”, all essays are based on lectures from the first Kiel Comics Conference in September 2016, which I had the good fortune of organizing with the rest of the gang. One year later, it’s great to see those fascinating lectures commemorated to paper!

All six essays in Closure #4 are available for free online, four of them in English. Go read them.

Newspaper Spider-Man is the worst superhero of all time

Spider-Man is the everyman. Creating a super-hero who’s a nerdy high-schooler is a genius idea, and it made Spider-Man a figure his readers could identify with easily. He is one of the best super-hero concepts of all time.

Newspaper Spider-Man, on the other hand, is the worst super-hero of all time. He gets knocked out every other week. His powers randomly stop working around bricks, bullets, hammers, or any other form of danger.

From his boss to his own wife, everyone just relentlessly clowns on the poor guy.

And that’s before Clown-9 shows up:

That guy, by the way, keeps Newspaper Spider-Man busy for four months.

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“Closure #3: Stuff Matters” is out now!



Do bears dream of teddy humans? Illustration: Sandro Esquivel for Closure.

The third issue of Closure, the German-language comic studies journal, is out now.

Subtitled “Stuff matters”, Closure #3 examines thing and “thingness” in comic books, tackling en vogue terms such as New Materialism, New Realism, Speculative Realism or Object Oriented Ontology.

The new issue contains 7 essays, 17 reviews and 2 special articles, fully available online and for free.

As an editor, I am seriously proud of everyone behind Closure and their ability to put together such a scientific marvel.

Looking back at Closure’s launch.

Every creative idea needs someone who believes in it. In the case of Closure, we had the backing of PerLe, the Kiel University Project Successful Teaching and Learning, for the launch of our very first issue. A year later, we were able to present our concept at the Kiel University 2014 Teaching Day.

Now, shortly before Closure#3 launches, the new PerLe project brochure is mentioning us as a good example for a successful project. As always, I’m immensely impressed with all the beautiful and hard-working people behind Closure.

Closure project plan

Closure’s first project plan, dating from 2013. Photo: Closurejournal via Facebook


Good Comics and Why You Should Buy Them

If you want good comic books, you should buy them. Don’t worry, you’re still allowed to talk about them after you bought them.

White Yellow and Red Tulips Bouquets

As a customer, it’s nice to have a diversity of choices available to you. Use it wisely.

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