Two months ago at MKM series Prague, Morten Storm, Legacy player extraordinaire, squirrel enthusiast, and one of my best friends, reached the Top 8 of one of the largest events in 2016.1

And since I believe in giving my buddies the same treatment ordinarily reserved for Legacy greats such as Julian Knab, I resolved to do a real interview with him.

So here’s the summary of our lengthy talk on the six-hour drive home from Prague, during which we got lost in the woods, nearly ran out of gas and ended up in a midnight traffic jam.

Morten Storm posing triumphant in Prague. Image: Magiccardmarket.

First things first – what the hell is going on in that picture?

The pictures of all Top 8 contestants were taken shortly before the K.O. rounds began. Everyone who went before me was just looking into the camera, which is probably smart when you’ve played Magic for nine hours and are dead tired. I asked the photographer whether I had to be serious and he said no, but that put me on the spot to do something interesting. I’m a big wrestling fan – note the shirt I’m wearing – so the first thing that popped into my mind was the good old Hulk Hogan pose.2 And now it has been committed to film for all eternity…

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