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Playing cards with integrated circuits?


Mockup of a card with an integrated NFC chip. Image: FusionPlay.

“FusionPlay Heroes” combines a card games with a smartphone app. The game relies on playing cards with integrated NFC chips to link the two. Together with the app, the technology enables an interactive two-player tactics game. How does the game work? What are the potentials of this technology? A kickstarter, all information and all open questions…

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How to Launch a Magic Start-up: Interview With Peer Richelsen

Scanning, managing, and trading Magic cards with an app  – Snapcardster is an ambitious start-up from Germany aiming at making its product known to a larger audience after a successful Kickstarter. Did the world really need another app? What’s Snapcardster‘s unique selling point? And where does the company go from here? Time for Snapcardster founder Peer Richelsen to answer some questions.

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