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So I’m writing for MKM Insight now

Over the weekend, relaunched their MKM Insight blog. They’ve assembled a team of great authors for the relaunch,  and I’m proud to be one of them.

My first article for Insight was published yesterday. It’s titled “MKM Series is Coming to Your Town. Don’t Panic”. I wanted to know what happens to a quiet little neighbourhood when 700 Magic players invade. Here’s a sneak peek:

Marco Reitz doubles his weekend revenue every time the MKM Series is in town.

Reitz is the proprietor of Snack & Weck, a bakery and coffee shop just one hundred metres from the Civic Centre. Without any warning, the first MKM Series Frankfurt in 2016 brought large crowds of Magic players to his doorstep. “The first tournament pretty much caught us by surprise,” he admitted, laughing. “Hundreds of people suddenly turned up and needed coffee. We did not really know what was happening.”


I did a lot of legwork for this article: I interviewed residents, shop owners, players, and I called up a few dozen people. So go check it out right now.

“Closure #4: Beginnings and Renewals in Comics” is out now!

Once again, I’m enormously proud of everyone involved with Closure, the eJournal for comics studies. I mean, I’m always proud of having been able to contribute to this great project, but today is a special day: Closure #4 is out!

Entitled “Beginnings and Renewals in Comics”, all essays are based on lectures from the first Kiel Comics Conference in September 2016, which I had the good fortune of organizing with the rest of the gang. One year later, it’s great to see those fascinating lectures commemorated to paper!

All six essays in Closure #4 are available for free online, four of them in English. Go read them.

“Closure #3: Stuff Matters” is out now!



Do bears dream of teddy humans? Illustration: Sandro Esquivel for Closure.

The third issue of Closure, the German-language comic studies journal, is out now.

Subtitled “Stuff matters”, Closure #3 examines thing and “thingness” in comic books, tackling en vogue terms such as New Materialism, New Realism, Speculative Realism or Object Oriented Ontology.

The new issue contains 7 essays, 17 reviews and 2 special articles, fully available online and for free.

As an editor, I am seriously proud of everyone behind Closure and their ability to put together such a scientific marvel.

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